B&B Industrial can supply ball valves for every situation, from 10mm to 100mm, manufactured in brass, PVC and stainless steel, 1-piece, 3-piece, 3-way, screwed, flanged


B&B Industrial can supply butterfly valves in every configuration

Cast iron construction double flanged operation by worm gear, pneumatic actuator and electric actuator stainless steel seat and unique sealing.


B&B Industrial can supply stainless steel, cast iron and brass gate valves in sizes from ½” to 2″



B&B Industrial offers an extensive range of check valves in stainless steels, brass cast iron and PVC in various configurations

Air Operated (Pneumatic)

B&B Industrial & B Petroleum Equipment supplies the HP series actuators which are compact, high cycle, high-quality double rack-&-pinion pneumatic actuators specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the quarter turn valve automation market.
HP actuators provide a wide range of torque outputs to suit quarter turn ball, butterfly, plug and damper valves, together with the APL range of valve position monitors for complete valve automation solutions.
Actuators are available in double-action and single action with spring return mechanisms.
Quality has been the primary concept in actuator development, and the latest manufacturing technologies have been employed to provide both quality and performance on every HP actuator produced.

Challenger Valves

Challenger Valves have been a well-respected supplier
and manufacturer in the Australian Market
for over twenty years