Brass Pipe Fittings



B & B Industrial supplies a wide range of pipe and hose fittings in brass with female BSPP and male BSPT threads.

These robust fittings are available in a comprehensive range of sizes from 1/8” to 1” – and they’re manufactured from high-quality brass.
Items Include:
Cap – Hex Plug – Male to Female Adaptor – Reducing Bush – Flush Mount Reducing Bush – Hex Socket – Reducing Socket – Reducing Nipple – Hex Nipple – Barrel Nipple – Long Barrel Nipple – Male to Female 90º Elbow – Male to Female 45º Elbow – Female 90º Elbow – Male 90º Elbow – Female Tee – Female Cross – Male Run/Female Tee – Lightweight Bulkhead Union – Bulkhead Union – Lock Nut
Brass fittings can be used with copper, steel or brass pipe, where medium to high pressure is encountered. Brass pipe fittings provide good resistance to vibration and they’re ideal for use in pneumatic and hydraulic control equipment.
Brass fittings are very easy to assemble, without special tools or extra parts, and they can be assembled and dissembled numerous times.
Brass pipe fittings are able to withstand high pressures – usually, working pressures are determined by the pipe used rather than by the fitting.