Chemical Hoses

Red Ortac Air, Water and Multipurpose Hose. Continental hose is a high-quality and economical air hose for general purpose industrial air service, compressor lines, pneumatic tools and low-pressure spray.


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B & B INDUSTRIAL supplies a full range of hoses for chemical and related applications. Here are just a few of the products available. Please contact us for more information, details and specifications for products that would be suitable for your particular application.

Scorpion Ag Spray Hose
Applications and Features:
Specially formulated for high resistance to pesticides and other related chemicals – used for transferring pesticides and weedicides in general horticultural, pest and weed control applications. Very flexible, kink resistant and UV stabilised.
Cover: Black – smooth PVC compound
Tube: White – PVC compound
Reinforcement: Fabric braid

Scorpion HP Ag Hose
Applications and Features:
Premium hose designed for higher pressures when transferring weedicides and pesticides – UV resistant.
Cover: Grey – extruded olefinic rubber compound
Tube: Clear- /black extruded olefinic rubber compound
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord

Plutone PK Hose
Applications and Features:
Suction and delivery of most acids and chemicals. Flexibility is superior to most rubber compounded Chemical Suction and delivery of most acids and Flexibility are superior to most rubber compounded hoses, weight significantly lighter than rubber hoses.
Cover: Green – smooth TPR rubber compound
Tube: White – TPR rubber compound
Reinforcement: Steel spiral helix and polyester yarn