Fuel Metering



Diesel Flow Meters

With a huge variety of fuel meters available for purchase

We stock many trusted brands, which manufacture flow meters; we ensure you get the best quality for your buying dollar. Stocking only the best means you’ll be investing in a long-term solution for your warehouse, mining company, production plant or other industrial workplace – one that will monitor fuel levels for years to come, and will provide consistent accuracy.

When you are measuring the flow of fuel in a workplace environment, you want the results to be consistent and reproducible – for the sake of safety and precision. The machine is compact and lightweight for easy transportation around the worksite. It is protected from wear and breakage from extended use, as there is no metal to metal contact in the chamber.

Our flow meters measure all aspects of liquid compatibility, temperature, viscosity, flow rate, suspensions, pressure and solids – they also measure the pumping technology itself. For each one of your pumping tasks, you will receive a full scope of data.

Diesel Flow Meters
FILL-RITE Mechanical Meters

FILL-RITE Mechanical Meters

  • Our FILL-RITE Meters provide precision and durability in a cost effective and proven design
  • Both the 800 & 900 Series measure fluids up to 63°C and pressures up to 340KPA
  • Large easy to read numbers
  • Quick reset knob
  • Flexible installation flow port positions – vertically & horizontally
  • Made in USA

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FILL-RITE Mechanical Meters

Inline Digital Meters

Inline Digital Meters

  • An economical, reliable and versatile solution for metering fluids
  • Turbine type meter reinforced with polyamide body
  • 1″ BSP inlet/outlet connections
  • Max. Flow Rate: up to 120L/Min
  • Display can be rotated to 4 different positions
  • Battery powered with 2 replaceable AAA batteries
  • Suitable for use with diesel fuel, kerosene & windscreen fluid
Inline Digital Meters
ULTRAFLO High Accuracy Industrial Meters

ULTRAFLO High Accuracy Industrial Meters

Our ULTRAFLO High Accuracy Industrial Meters offer a high level of accuracy and repeatability.  These precision meters are used for rate and totalisation of fuel measurement where reliability and performance is critical.

  • Aluminium body & rotors
  • Low pressure drop
  • Pulse output, mechanical or digital display options
  • 1″ BSP (f) or NTP (f) available
  • High accuracy of ± 0.5% and repeatability ± 0.03%


ULTRAFLO High Accuracy Industrial Meters
Unleaded Mechanical & Digital Flow Meters

Unleaded Mechanical & Digital Flow Meters

The new ATEX approved metres provide accurate measuring of the quantity dispensed in private applications (unleaded petrol, kerosene, diesel)

  • Meets the ATEX requirements related to the use of materials in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Suitable for gravity feed or pump applications
  • 3 digit mechanical display
  • Resettable
  • Flow rate: 20-120 L/Min
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.3%

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