B&B INDUSTRIAL supplies, installs, calibrates, repairs and maintains bowsers, pumps, tanks, hoses, fittings, pipelines and all associated fluid handling equipment for companies, farmers, service stations and government agencies and departments in the Riverina and the surrounding region of southern and western NSW and northern Victoria.

Petroleum & Fluid Handling Equipment

B&B's Fluid Handling Divison stocks a complete range of quality products from the best known and respected brand names. We stock the region's most comprehensive range of hoses and fittings; including Camlocks, valves, Storz couplings, fire threads, push-in fittings, compression fittings and clamps.

Our range also includes a variety of pumps and accessories, as well as fuel, oil and grease storage solutions from a wide variety of suppliers & manufacturers; including Silvan, Alemlube, Macnaught, GPI, STM, Fillrite and more.

For any of your fluid handling, transfer or storage needs, B&B Industrial has your needs covered.

Storage Solutions

Whether you want to clean up and organise your shed or workshop, more efficiently control your files and stores, or fully fit out a warehouse or work vehicle; B&B Industrial has what you need. We are the region’s biggest local provider of Pallet Racking, Longspan shelving, Compactus Filling units, In-vehicle storage systems, Wire Shelving, Cool Room Shelving, Spare Parts containers, plastic storage tubs and rugged, Heavy Duty Storage Boxes.

We stock and supply some of the biggest brands in the Industry; including Dexion, Alpha, Space Logic, Fischer, Rak-a-van, Trimarant, Pelican-Trimcast’s hugely popular range of versatile Heavy Duty Space-Cases and much, much more.

B&B Industrial also provides a competitive and efficient consultation and installation service, meaning that we can do everything you need create individual storage solutions to make any industry function more productively and profitably.

Service Repairs and Maintenance

Our Jones Street complex also includes a fully equipped workshop where repairs and maintenance can be carried out fuel tankers, petrol bowsers, farm tanks, pumps, vehicle fuel tanks and more.

The staff expertise also extends to maintaining and supplying air, oil, grease and water hose reels to workshops. We can also supply, install and maintain hoists, pumps and compressors.

B&B Industrial also has over 35 years of experience in the on-site construction, demolition, removal and remediation of petrol stations, fuel sites and tanks, underground or above.